Vineyard Details

Vineyard Details

Santa Lucia Highlands

The vineyards of the Highlands are planted on the terraces of the Santa Lucia mountain range, overlooking the Salinas River Valley. Here, fog and breezes off nearby Monterey Bay funnel southeast, between the Santa Lucia and Gabilan ranges, creating a cool, true Region I climate. The exceptionally long SLH growing season of early bud break, lack of fall rains, and prolonged harvests allow the grapes to develop full, phenolic ripeness and flavors.

Garys' Vineyard

Garys’ Vineyard has been a superb source of Pinot Noir ever since the first crop in 1999. The entire vineyard is planted to the Pisoni Selection of Pinot Noir, a suitcase clone from Burgundy. We are fortunate to get fruit from two different sections of Garys’ Vineyard – one at the top of the vineyard and the other near the very bottom. These sections are planted on different rootstocks, which produces a much more complex and interesting Pinot Noir.

Current Vintage of Garys' Vineyard

Rosella's Vineyard

The Rosella’s Vineyard Pinot Noir is always something of a puzzle. There are a number of different pieces that can fit together in any number of different ways, but the picture is only correct when they fit together in a certain manner. We purchase 4 different clones from the Rosella’s Vineyard and each wine is interesting within themselves but not quite complete. It is only when blending them together that the picture becomes clear and we can come up with a compelling Rosella’s Vineyard Pinot Noir. This is undoubtedly why we often spend more time blending the Rosella’s Pinot Noir than any other Siduri wine

Current Vintage of Rosella's Vineyard

Soberanes Vineyard

The Soberanes Vineyard – which is basically contiguous with the Garys’ Vineyard – has really found its stride showcases beautiful blue fruit notes that the Santa Lucia Highlands is famous for. Composed entirely of 667 clone from an upper section and lower section of the vineyard, this wine does not need any whole cluster to add structure.

Current Vintage of Soberanes Vineyard

Sierra Mar Vineyard

The Sierra Mar Vineyard is one of the southernmost sites in the Santa Lucia Highlands for Siduri. As such, the site usually gets a later start to the growing season, but the maturity of the fruit catches up a bit more quickly as the season progresses. We employ 50% whole cluster fermentation on the Pommard section on the lower part of the Sierra Mar Vineyard, with 777 and 23 sections being completely destemmed.

Current Vintage of Sierra Mar Vineyard