Our Story

About Siduri

Siduri, named for the Babylonian goddess of wine, is the result of our founders' mutual love of pinot noir—and a dream that they could make great wines of their own.

Buoyed by that dream, Adam Lee and Dianna Novy left their native Texas and moved to the Sonoma County wine country. 

They spent years working at small, family-owned wineries and using any and all free time learning everything they could about growing grapes and making wine.

And it paid off—the first Siduri Wines release, in 1994, was met with great critical success and proved the springboard for a 25-year pursuit of Pinot perfection.

Today, Siduri's breadth and depth of Pinot Noirs are truly unique. 

We specialize in cool-climate Pinot Noir, producing both single-vineyard and AVA-level wines from growing regions spanning from California's Santa Barbara County to Oregon's Willamette Valley. Why? Because we believe that great wine is made in the vineyard.

To that end, we’ve developed long-term relationships with some of the West’s most sought-after growers and vineyards. And we purchase the majority of our fruit by the acre rather than the ton.

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We also believe in minimal intervention so that the winemaking forwards, rather than overshadows, what happens in the vineyard. 

Our wines are unfiltered and unfined, maximizing the expression of these very diverse sites. But perhaps most importantly, we believe that wine should be a pleasure, that serious wine and serious fun aren’t mutually exclusive. So in our drive to make great Pinot Noir, we ultimately hope for something relatively simple—good wine to be enjoyed with good friends, good family and good food.

We believe wine shouldn’t be pretentious, it should be enjoyed.
Serious wine and serious fun aren't mutually exclusive.