Siduri Home

A Culmination of Fruit, Fermentation-And Family.

Step outside the walls of reality and into a virtual Pinot Noir adventure with Siduri’s iconic founder, Adam Lee, to discover that wine goes way beyond the bottle in front of you.

We partnered with Microsoft and Rock Paper Reality to create a state-of-the-art augmented reality experience to prove that serious fun and serious wine aren't mutually exclusive.

“A good wine reflects the complex
character of its origins.”

Siduri specializes in cool-climate Pinot Noir from five major AVAs on the West Coast,
spanning from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, down to Santa Rita Hills in California’s Santa Barbara County. 

At Siduri, we believe that serious wine and serious fun are not mutually exclusive.

Our winemaking goal is to produce Pinot Noir that best captures the distinct flavor and character of a given vineyard site and region. To that end, we focus on Pinot Noir, and source only from vineyards
that provide us with exceptional fruit.

Siduri, named for the Babylonian goddess of wine, is the result of our founders’ mutual love of Pinot Noir,
and their dream that they could make great wines of their own.

Discover Siduri’s expansive portfolio of site-specific Pinot Noir
spanning from Oregon’s Willamette Valley to California’s Santa Barbara County.