We are as proud of our old world heritage as we are of our new world wines and always try to produce wines that express our love of history, place and family.

How Novy Was Born

The Novy family roots trace back to Czechoslovakia where NOVY means “NEW.” It is in the spirit of family, heritage and the best new wines from new vineyards that Novy Wines was born.

It all started when Adam Lee and Dianna Novy met as employees at a well-known luxury department store in Dallas, Texas. Adam managed the fine wine program and Dianna oversaw the epicurean offerings. She was smart and savvy. He was fun and had access to good wine. Romance flourished, and with it, a world of new adventures. As Adam and Dianna bonded over their love of wine and passion for learning, they headed west from Texas to Sonoma to pursue their dream of making wine.

In 1988, as a sequel to Adam’s much lauded Siduri Pinot Noirs, Adam and Dianna founded Novy Family Wines together with Dianna’s parents and extended family. NOVY was born to capture Adam and Dianna’s mutual affection for Syrah and Zinfandel, and to engage the entire Novy family in the art of making wine together.  Each harvest the Novy gang joined Adam and Dianna in California for a new vintage and a new chance to do what they loved most with the people they loved most.

With a focus on Syrah and Zinfandel, Novy Family Wines quickly established itself as a top producer. In 2005, The Wine Spectator called the Novy’s Syrahs “stellar” and named the 2003 Novy Sonoma County Syrah to its prestigious TOP 100 WINES OF THE YEAR.  That same year, the San Francisco Chronicle named the 2003 Novy Rosella’s Vineyard Syrah to its TOP 100 WINES OF THE YEAR.  Today Novy focuses on crafting stand-out Zinfandels and Rhone-inspired wines, including single vineyard expressions from some of the most beloved sites in Sonoma and beyond. 

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The golden flying pig on Novy’s label represents the Czech traditions that are celebrated by Dianna, Adam, and the Novy family to this day.  As lore has it, on Christmas Eve many Czechs fast in hopes of seeing the golden pig appear on the wall prior to Christmas.  If they are so fortunate to see the golden pig, they are promised good luck.

Of course, traditions evolve with time and familial interpretation. The Novys enlivened their “golden pig” custom with a food and wine spin and some Texas flare.  In place of a “fast,” the Novys prefer to “feast” their way through the holiday with family and friends, waiting for the pig to fly as the crown jewel on the Christmas Eve festivities.

The night is always better with a great glass (or two) of Novy.  Cheers.

Novy Pig