February 2017 Newsletter

Cellar Update from Our Winemaker and Founder, Adam Lee

As I am sure you’ve heard, it has been pretty wet here in California.  While that is fantastic news for the vines it has, in a few cases, put us a little bit behind in getting things pruned.  That’s not a big issue, but may end up pushing harvest back a few days if this rainy weather continues.  However, just because it is wet outside, doesn’t mean that we aren’t busy inside the winery.  In fact, we’ve been getting things done at a pretty remarkable pace.  

We’ve just finished bottling the last of our 2015 Pinot Noirs (a pretty remarkable vintage in both California and Oregon).  You will be seeing these wines in the not too distant future.  And we’ve already started on tasting and blending the 2016 Pinots!  Since the 2016 vintage both started and finished early, we’ve been able to begin the blending process a bit earlier than normal.  Thus far things are going very well.  The wines seems to be delicious though somewhat surprisingly structured at this point.  That’s not a bad thing, just a point of difference.  We will see if that trend continues as we move through more wines.


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