Ryan's Pick

2015 Lingenfelder Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

This wine is one of my perennial favorites in our Siduri lineup. Lingenfelder is a small, family run vineyard located in the heart of the Russian River Valley just Northwest of the town of Santa Rosa near Olivet and River Rd.

The vineyard is unique in that it is one of the few modern vineyards planted to non-Dijon selections. The two clones are Pommard and the California heritage selection, Martini. Both components contribute unique characteristics to the wine. The Martini barrels to me always contribute a rose petal, and tart fruit component to the wine while the Pommard barrels give the wine a rustic, dark fruit profile. We tend to harvest this vineyard late in the year for Russian River Valley because it is in a little cool pocket, and the fruit ripens nice and slowly. This gives us a wine that is nicely developed but tends to be lower in alcohol. If you are in the mood for something old-world leaning, and loaded with complex layers, this wine is for you.

On the nose, this wine shows flavors of pomegranate, cherry and lead pencil. The palate is dense with layers of wet stones, cream and blackberry. The acidity is refreshing, and give the wine a nervy character that is ideal for pairing with richer dishes this holiday season.  I also believe that this wine is one that will continue to improve with time in the cellare. I would wager that this wine will be at its most interesting point in 4-5 years.